Clear Defendable Territory
Defending brand image in a world of values

The Drum asked us to contribute to their latest voxpop on belief-driven brands.

With brands increasingly pressured to take a stand on cultural issues, agencies like ours need to strike a tricky balance: promote a  brand's values while protecting its image.

Our consultant Isabel Maguire wrote:

We want brands to take a stand on cultural issues. It's how we know that we can trust them. Brands that prefer to keep silent might as well as carry a banner that says: "We test on animals, while dodging taxes and sipping from single-use plastic straws! Jared Leto was the best Joker!" So, yes: espousing a point of view might be risky. But brands have more to lose in silence than in speaking out.

Read more of Issy's thoughts, plus insight from other Drum Network agencies, in the full article on the Drum's website.