Pursuing Greatness

Partnering for the pursuit: Creating greatness with the AELTC

Like all things at Wimbledon, there’s a rigorous process involved when selecting a partner. But when they do, it’s meant to last. It’s an invitation to become part of the pursuit of greatness.

Over the past 2 years, we’ve worked as an extension of the AELTC team, to solve underlying brand challenges, evolve the brand’s visual and verbal identity, and create new executions to bring the brand to life with impact.

It started with teasing out a clear, simple architecture for the club, the foundation and The Championships, and setting creative principles for the design and tone of voice to make sure the Wimbledon brand has an international impact throughout the year – not just during The Championships.

For The Championships 2019, we developed and designed the first bespoke set of tickets, and created an all-new immersive space for spectators to learn about Wimbledon’s sustainability initiatives.

And more will come as the partnership continues…

“Elite rights holders are the few who continue to prosper in the partnership and licensing space. It’s therefore imperative we preserve and strengthen our standing as an iconic global brand and premium sports property. Over the past 18 months, The Clearing has helped us optimise our brand architecture while evolving and extending the brand expression. Creating a refreshed brand for Wimbledon that seamlessly flexes across digital, broadcast and physical channels – while still delivering a consistent global brand.”

Mick Desmond
Commercial & Media Director, AELTC December 2018

Full case study to come.