We're an award-winning, independent brand consultancy. Driven as much by creative inspiration as we are insight, our work seamlessly spans the digital and physical worlds. Helping brands forge deeper, more meaningful connections with the people who matter.

We’re called The Clearing because we create Clear Defendable Territory.

What is it?

From culture and identity to innovation and experience, Clear Defendable Territory connects what you do (and why) with what your colleagues and customers want. It’s the space you need to own to make your brand more valuable.

Why do you need it?

To survive and thrive in today’s unpredictable and crowded world, your brand needs to stand out. Why should people choose it over your competitors? What makes it relevant and compelling to customers as well as colleagues? Defining your Clear Defendable Territory helps to build an enduring bond between your brand and the people who matter to it.

How do we do it?

We blend rigorous insight with creative thinking to find the space you can own in your market. Working as an extension of your team, we get to grips with business challenges quickly and find creative ways to overcome them – ensuring the place you own is perfectly understood by colleagues and customers alike.

Our Services


Our strategists ensure the work we do makes a commercial difference to our client’s brands and businesses. We solve problems and transform organisations from the inside out.

Brand positioning | Brand strategy | Brand architecture | Insight | Innovation | Organisational engagement


Our designers find creative ways to inspire our clients – bringing Clear Defendable Territory to life across the brand experience.

Brand identity | Brand experience | Film & animation


Our writers help brands use words more imaginatively, connecting culture and language to create more emotional bonds with the people who matter.

Tone of voice | Messaging | Naming | Straplines | Writing training

Our Clients

The clients we work with are household names and disruptive start-ups, global icons and familiar faces. We help brands grow in different countries and across different markets.