Clear Defendable Territory


We create Clear
Defendable Territory
for brands. It’s why we’re
called The Clearing.

But it’s not just about helping you stand out in your market. It’s making sure your brand lives strong in the minds of the people who matter to you.

That’s where we start – with people. We’re a creative brand agency that builds brands from the inside out – creating conviction with people inside your organisation, so they can then make a powerful connection with those on the outside.

In today’s world, that’s what matters. Tech is disrupting industries. Competition is fierce. Attracting talent is harder than ever. And consumers can change behaviour lightning fast.

Clear Defendable Territory

Clear Defendable Territory makes brand and business meaningful, motivating and relevant – so that when people think of you, they’re clear about what you stand for and why they should care.

It motivates your people to be their best at work. It helps you build a compelling experience for your customers that keeps them coming back for more. It helps reach and inspire new communities.

To maintain and build it, and drive growth, everyone inside your organisation needs to buy in to play their part. Externally, Clear Defendable Territory makes you distinct and different, easier to find, choose and buy from.

A few of our clients

The clients we work with are household names and disruptive start-ups, global icons and familiar faces. We help brands grow in different countries and across different markets.