Clear Defendable Territory


Putting nature and business in balance

A pivotal moment for our planet

Nature is at a tipping point. Across the world people, companies and governments are destroying natural habitats at a time when we need them more than ever to deal with the climate emergency.

The problem is, there’s very little on offer that addresses the restoration of nature at any kind of scale. It’s typically difficult, time-consuming and astronomically expensive to measure and regenerate biodiversity.

A pair of entrepreneurs came to us with a solution. They’d developed a revolutionary new way of measuring biodiversity accurately and at scale using technology, AI and machine learning – along with an innovative business model that would make restoring nature more financially rewarding than exploiting it. They enlisted our help to turn it from a business proposition into a game-changing brand.

Clarity from complexity

This was a complex solution to a complex global challenge. So finding a way of explaining it simply wasn’t just our starting point – it was the crux in transforming the idea into a compelling story that would appeal to investors, businesses and landowners alike.

Putting nature and business in balance

At the heart of the story, we created a powerful vision: to build an economy that puts nature and business in balance, by incentivising the regeneration of biodiversity at scale. Building on this, we developed a name, identity, tone of voice and messaging – as well as a range of digital assets to launch the brand.

The identity was designed to reflect the impact of putting nature and business in balance: growth, abundance and vibrancy. While the name conveys the urgency of the situation and the importance of this solution. It’s a pivotal moment for nature, and this is a pivotal opportunity for investors, businesses and landowners to make a positive difference.

The brand needed to stand apart from campaigning organisations calling for action on climate change; we positioned it as a breakthrough, commercial solution to this global crisis.

Creating a new lexicon

You’ll be familiar with the term carbon offsetting. It’s simple and memorable, even if you don’t really understand how it works. In fact, the global obsession with carbon is, in part, because we have a simple way of talking about it which has entered the public consciousness.

However, carbon offsetting as a term is inherently negative. And the wider language of sustainability is often reductive – it’s all about reducing, removing, avoiding, stopping. We wanted to turn that on its head and start talking positively.

We created a simple and memorable expression that could be widely adopted by the industry and public alike. This term – ‘Nature Uplifts’ – captures the positive impact that funding regenerative projects can have, and also works to describe the unit of biodiversity value that can be traded on Pivotal’s pioneering financial platform. With an innate positivity, it conveys both the benefit to nature and the economic benefit in a single idea.


Towards a brighter future

The Pivotal team has already completed a number of pilot projects around Europe to prove its technical solution. It’s forming partnerships with companies as well as communities of landowners and ecologists to build momentum in the approach. And it’s preparing for a significant round of funding to provide the platform for accelerated growth.

We’re excited to see how far Pivotal can go – it’s set to change the world.