Clear Defendable Territory

Leukaemia UK

Positively life-changing

Uniting research and care

When Leukaemia UK (a care charity with four decades of experience) merged with Leuka (the leukaemia research charity), they needed a new brand that could retain both groups of established supporters and also differentiate them from other blood cancer charities.

We worked as an extension of the brand and marketing team to define a clear defendable territory that could unite the two organisations, build on their new organisational strategy, and clearly define their brand in the sector.

Every break-through starts as a spark of inspiration or a radical idea

The brand is focused around a clear vision and mission: to find and fund the life-changing research that matters most to people affected by leukaemia. From this, we developed a visual and verbal identity that captures what it takes to develop research that changes lives.

Behind every break-through there’s a researcher, a spark of inspiration and a relentless determination. And every element of the brand is designed to reflect that.

The hand-drawn highlights capture experts at work; the underlining of a phrase that triggers an idea, a circle around an anomaly. It’s meticulous yet human.

People are at the heart of this brand at every point; the tone of voice and imagery convey the impact research has on people’s lives.

Leukaemia UK
Leukaemia UK
Leukaemia UK
Leukaemia UK
Leukaemia UK

Brand impact

The new brand launched in August 2022. Across the first 12 months (September 2022-23), the team tracked brand awareness and engagement to measure the overall impact of the rebrand project and how it’s connecting with and engaging target audiences.


The fundraising team found that people started specifically choosing to fundraise for Leukaemia UK because of the focus on research and the tone of voice that reflects that.


The policy team noted greater cut through with policy makers after the shift to orange (the colour internationally associated with leukaemia) and a stronger tone of voice that demonstrates the charity’s leading role in leukaemia research.

Leukaemia UK

A national campaign to build brand awareness

Since creating the brand, our partnership has continued to strengthen, working with them to grow the brand across numerous other briefs. Most recently, developing a national digital campaign.

The aims of the campaign were to build brand profile, grow support and increase engagement. Specifically:

  • Increase brand awareness and understanding that they’re a research-focused charity
  • Increase following and engagement across social channels
  • Grow newsletter base

“The power to change” was the idea at the heart of the campaign. It appeals to fundraisers, volunteers, researchers, healthcare professionals – whatever their role, it heroes the difference they can individually make on the lives of people affected by leukaemia.

Using the concept as a springboard, we developed a messaging framework to deliver authentic, emotive stories to illustrate the impact of people’s power, and to drive action. And a high-impact visual style that would stand out on screen and encourage interaction.

We brought the campaign to life across animated social posts, Google Display ads, and a campaign-specific microsite.

The campaign was hugely successful in achieving the team’s objectives. Here’s a snapshot of the impact.

Leukaemia UK
Leukaemia UK
Leukaemia UK