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Cancer Grand Challenges

A new age of discovery

How do you create a step change in cancer science?

Cancer is one of the most complex and dynamic challenges humanity faces. And while we donate and invest ever-vaster sums in research each year, the numbers of people affected by cancer continue to rise. Progress isn’t happening fast enough.

Unprecedented collaboration

Cancer Grand Challenges is a unique partnership between Cancer Research UK and the US National Cancer Institute, set to transform how we diagnose, prevent, treat and eventually, cure cancer.

Through a series of £20 million awards, they’re challenging the world’s greatest scientists to collaborate across multiple disciplines, think differently and take risks to solve the biggest problems in cancer.

Daring to think differently

It’s an audacious project – taking on problems that lie just beyond the grasp of scientific understanding – and one with the potential to touch every life. The brand reflects this daring, pioneering spirit.

It’s designed to help attract a portfolio of partners and galvanise a community of philanthropists and patient advocates to fund and help guide the breakthroughs in cancer that the world is waiting for.

And ultimately, it will help inspire researchers across the globe to be bold and unleash scientific creativity and collaboration on a global scale to usher in a new age of discovery.

Cancer Grand Challenges
Cancer Grand Challenges

Collaboration in action

Collaboration was at the heart of how we worked through this project – from visualising the brand to building the website. We couldn’t have done it without the help of the talented Ignatz Johnson Higham and Dave Whyte who brought the impossible to life.

Meet the 11 diverse, global teams shortlisted for Cancer Grand Challenges Awards.

Cancer Grand Challenges