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The Clearing’s Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas has never had such good timing. Normally, when December rolls around and the shops start playing the first festive songs of the season, the bah humbug brigade come out in full force. But this year, it feels different. An unseasonal election campaign unleashed a tidal wave of fake news, ice sculptures have replaced political leaders and uncertainty is still lurking.

We desperately need some fairy lights amidst all the darkness. Let’s sing Wizzard at the top of our lungs! Let’s put the decorations up and never take them down! Let’s buy presents for our loved ones! Luckily for you, our Christmas gift guide can help you do just that.

Better still, all the gifts mean something to us at The Clearing. They’re a mixture of things we love, gifts made by friends of ours or everyday items from the studio. Some will make you smile. And some are a bit more deep and meaningful. Either way, you won’t find any single-use plastic or look-at-it-once kind of gifts.

Pippa the Peace Lily, £10 - £55peace-lily

Peace on earth, and mercy mild – all our grudges reconciled. Right now there’s no better time to make peace with family members you snapped at or colleagues whose logos you accused of being corporate. And there’s no better way to do it than with this glossy peace lily. Feng shui your office with a NASA-approved air purifier and renowned ‘aura cleanser’. Banish negative energy to the stationery cupboard and watch your productivity shoot through the roof. Our studio is packed full of plants from Patch – they make it an oasis of greenery and calm. Most of the time.

Veja Trainers, £119veja-positively-conscious-farfetch-christmas-gift

Veja are our favourite kicks by far. And it turns out Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and most of The Clearing are onto something with their choice of footwear. That’s because when you gift these trainers they give back to our planet. Veja is a transparent brand, making sustainable choices and supporting ethical suppliers. Better still, find them (and anything else you fancy) on the Positively Farfetch hub, the online fashion retailer’s commitment to being the global platform for good in luxury fashion.

Pantone Holiday Ornaments, £36

Do you spend your days desperately seeking the perfect pantone? Do you wish you could bring your work home with you?? Are you committed to creating the most Instagrammable Christmas tree ever??? If you answered yes to any or all of the above, then these pantone baubles are the perfect present for you – or the designer in your life. Glass, giftable AND collectable – we know you want to.

Tinker Taylor Lip Balm, £20tinker-taylor-lip-balm

Picture this. You’re desperately waiting for payday. The last few months have left you high and dry. And it’s not just your money that’s dried up. Your lips are chapped and in need of some urgent TLC. Look no further than Tinker Taylor – skincare exclusively for your lips. Try the natural, vegan, palm-oil free lip balm. Packed with fatty acids and vitamins, it restores moisture and provides lasting protection. Mistletoe-ready just in time for party season.

The Workbench Box, £115christmas-gift-guide-workbench-ring-making

The most physically taxing thing I’ve done this week was probably typing this sentence. When you stare at a screen all day, sometimes you need to be reminded what it’s like to make something with your bare hands. If you love jewellery as much as we do, gift this kit to a friend or release your inner magpie and make a super shiny ring from scratch in the comfort of your home. Carve your design in wax, send it off and Workbench polish and cast it for you.

Closca Helmet, €103Closca-Fuga-Foldable-Bicycle-Helmet

A few hardy members of The Clearing cycle to work come rain or shine. Saving the planet by cutting down emissions is cool and all, but we think they’ll look even cooler if they wear this Closca helmet while they do it. Beautifully designed and collapsible ­– it reduces in size by 55% in just one second. In the event of a collision you’re better protected thanks to micro-movements that distribute the impact. Plus, an NFC chip means you can store medical details and call the emergency services with a tap of the button on the top.

Leather Phone Case Bag, £31.20leather-phone-case-bag

No more rummaging at the bottom of the bag for your phone. Or worrying that it will slip out of your back pocket. This phone case bag takes hands-free to a whole new level. It’s lightweight and fits around your neck so you and your social media apps will never be too far apart. Plus, 42LeatherandVintage make all their bags from the finest leather off-cuts that luxury brands won’t use – because they’re on a fold or creased. Beautiful and sustainable. A win-win.

The Confessions Game, £20The-School-of-life-confessions-game-christmas-guide

If you want a card game that’s considerably more interesting than Snap but considerably less vulgar than Cards Against Humanity – then the Confessions Game is for you. Play with friends to discover their deepest darkest secrets and to spark conversations that step out of the humdrum of daily life. The cards are created by The School of Life – a global organisation helping people lead more fulfilled lives.

One Feeds Two, donationOne-Feeds-Two-christmas-gift-guide-donate

At Christmas, food is one of the things that unites us. Whether it’s mince pies, turkey with all the trimmings or a Ross Geller style ‘moist-maker’ sandwich on Boxing Day. One Feeds Two believes that good food shouldn’t just taste good, it should do good. So when you buy a meal carrying the logo, the company provides a school meal to a child living in poverty. Imagine how many school meals they could provide if everyone donated the cost of their Christmas dinner this year. It’s a small gesture. But if lots of us make small gestures it amounts to something huge. Let’s use hunger to end hunger, and make our Christmas meals stretch a little further this year.

Wild Thinking, £19.99Christmas-gift-guide-wild-thinking-book

What’s a Christmas gift guide between friends without a shameless bit of self-promotion? For those of you who are here because you eat, sleep and breathe branding – we have the perfect gift. We wrote a book. And we think it’s (probably) London Bridge’s best export since Padella. With no queueing necessary. It’s filled with 25 unconventional solutions to business challenges from pioneering thinkers. Read it while you’re hiding from your family in your childhood bedroom for maximum impact.