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How do you motivate people to sleep on the streets for a good cause?

Making a difference, together

The latest numbers suggest that 1 in 182 people in England are homeless right now – that’s over 309,000 people – and being based in Bankside, we witness it every day. So, as part of our ongoing initiative to give back to our community, we decided to team up with Robes, a local charity dedicated to helping people experiencing homelessness in the boroughs of Southwark and Lambeth.


A campaign designed to create perspective

We created a new fundraising campaign that focused on what it means to sleep out in the cold while emphasising the atmosphere and impact that can be made when a community comes together for a good cause. This gave the campaign cut-through and greater resonance with the people of Southwark who would see it as they moved around the borough.

The imagery leads on the moments that make the event special – cold included. Then, building on Robes’ core brand elements, we developed a bold cut-out style designed to create a spotlight effect that shines a light on the evening. We also created a stand-out mark using the iconic Southwark Cathedral tower to highlight the event’s location and Robes’ yellow to tie it to the charity’s brand. And, when it comes to language, it’s warm and playful, contextualising the fun aspect of the SleepOut while highlighting the struggles of sleeping rough in winter.

Going above and beyond

From organising a (very competitive) bake sale in our studio to spending the night out in the cold for the SleepOut: we were so enthusiastic about supporting Robes beyond just designing the campaign that we found other ways to get involved and raise money for the cause.

If you want to learn more about the charity or get involved, click here