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If you’re looking for inspiration, you’ve come to the right place

Creating a more inspiring way to shop online

Launched in summer 2021, Ownable is an entirely new way to shop online – designed with serendipity in mind. Each month Ownable researches the UK’s favourite printed magazines and gathers together the featured products into one place – where customers can sit back, relax and browse what’s new and interesting in home lifestyle. It’s like flicking through the pages of a hundred magazines at once.

The difference between ‘search’ and ‘discover’

The Ownable platform is designed to provide an antidote to the world of ‘search and pay’ shopping, characterised by Amazon’s clinical, get-in-and-get-out model. While it might be efficient, it’s hardly inspiring.

Ownable has created a ‘search-free’ digital experience which enables customers to discover things they didn’t know to look for – much like they would in a beautifully presented physical store. The entire experience is built around fun, inspiration and discovery rather than pushing the best-selling products and commoditising fulfilment.


Developing an ownable experience

The Clearing has worked with the team behind Ownable since its inception, refining and crafting their revolutionary e-commerce idea into a killer brand. The brief was to create a digital brand that was simple, intuitive and inspiring – as well as playful.

As such, we’ve defined every element of the brand, from the strategy and positioning to the name, visual identity and tone of voice, messaging, branded comms plus UX and UI of the digital environment. We also created the launch campaign to target existing magazine readers via social media, working with the illustrator Aurelia Lange. And we continue to work in partnership with Ownable as the brand seeks to grow both its reach and engagement.

Inspiration made Ownable

The name Ownable sums up the proposition perfectly: it makes whatever you discover instantly ownable, with a seamless purchase experience. The name provided the key to unlocking the visual identity which joins both the digital and physical worlds: a thumbprint. And the tagline – Inspiration made Ownable – reinforces the ethos at the heart of the brand. The final result is a brand that makes a new idea not only easy to understand, but a pleasure to experience.