Clear Defendable Territory
Lead by data or build by brand?

Performance marketing has always been the problem-solving tool for brands - rational, data-led solutions leading to solid strategy. But brands are increasingly realising that this dated clickbait is only good for the short-term. Our MD Richard Buchanan talked to Brandingmag about why brands need to emphasise customer relationships over data, have character and resonate genuinely.

Quit the tactical tricks and concentrate on building a brand that talks to people in a more attitudinal, interesting, and genuine way without the comforting paraphernalia of data

Building a connection comes from having a clearly defendable position - and that means seeing customers as individuals.

Richard talks about campaigns such as Adidas and Airbnb, both brands have decided to move away from their lead by data approach. Compared to Just Eat, who are putting more emphasis on performance as their customer needs change throughout the pandemic.

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