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The Clearing creates identity and positioning for personal training coaches
The Clearing creates identity and positioning for personal training coaches

The Clearing is delighted to share the new positioning, idea, visual and verbal identity for Premier Global, the leading UK education provider of health and fitness professionals.

The Clearing was asked to articulate a clear promise for the Premier Global brand, and to redesign the brand experience to help it stand out as a beacon for quality once again. Despite leading the field in personal training for over 20 years, their brand had been neglected, looked tired and lacked vision. The UK fitness industry has suffered a crisis of quantity over quality, flooding the market with inexperienced and poorly-educated trainers.

Insight delivered two key strengths to build on. First, the partnership with The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the leading personal training authority in the US, brought an edge of scientific evidence-based content. Second, the quality of personal training was unparalleled and delivered a vital contribution. The Clearing renamed the tutors delivering this "Master Coaches’.


The Clearing built on these strengths to develop a brand promise "Outperform’ that would appeal to over-achievers with a burning desire to transform other people’s lives for the better. The promise drove the development of the brand identity, including the colour palette choice of black and gold. Black symbolises prestige, while gold signifies a link with the pinnacle of sport achievement ’ the gold medal, the highest standard possible.


Jon Norton, Senior Designer at The Clearing, explained, "We wanted to tap into the reality of being a personal trainer, the social side and impact on people’s lives. We took our inspiration from the world of sport, which is a new approach for personal training education. The new brand identity represents the shift the fitness industry has made towards health, fitness, nutrition and a lifestyle choice."



Nick Bradley, CEO of Premier Global commented, "In a competitive industry that was being dominated by quantity over quality, The Clearing have created a powerful positioning and appealing visual and verbal brand identity that reflects the energetic, progressive and dynamic health and fitness market. We needed our brand to show that we set the benchmark and outperform the industry, with education and training that actually delivers lasting careers for health and fitness professionals."


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