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Animations and illustrations for kingfisher plc’s 2017/18 sustainability report
Animations and illustrations for kingfisher plc's 2017/18 sustainability report

The Clearing are delighted to share Kingfisher plc's 2017/18 Sustainability Report. We've worked with B&Q and Screwfix to bring their sustainability achievements to life for investors, colleagues, NGOs and media.

It's the second year we've created the report, and this time our focus has been "There's more than first meets the eye?. We designed spreads with different scenes to explain what Kingfisher has been doing internally to embed sustainability into the way the company works. The reveal shows the scene in a new light, demonstrating the wider impact for the better on customers or the world.

We're asking the questions: What has Kingfisher done this year? What impact has that had?

We're proud to be working with Kingfisher as their commitment to bringing sustainability into their business is inspirational, and aims for a restorative impact on the environment. It's the final year of their Net Positive 5-year targets, so the report builds on last year's messages before a new set of Sustainability targets is launched. This year has been about shifting the balance so that more (and one day, all) products and processes across the Group have sustainability built into them.

And there's much to celebrate:

  • 28% sales come from sustainable home products
  • 61% peat free growing media
  • 96% wood and paper in products is responsibly sourced
  • A?840m saved on energy bills from energy saving products

We used animation to bring charts and graphs to life, making a lengthy document more user friendly and fun to navigate. The report is only available online, to remain environmentally friendly.