Clear Defendable Territory
Surviving the Oxfam scandal – what should charity brands do?

Trust and integrity are hygiene factors for any brand, but when it comes to charity brands, they’re critical. Add into the mix growing public scepticism towards large charities, and it’s difficult to see Oxfam emerging unscathed from the scandal.

I took part in The Drum's charity panel recently to discuss what Oxfam can do to regain trust. Take a look at what I and the other panellists had to say in the short film The Drum put together:

Clearly, the actions of a few have been profoundly damaging for the brand, but if there are any crumbs of hope to be offered here it’s this – strong brands provide air cover in times of need. And let’s be clear, Oxfam is and continues to be a strong brand. The scandal could have been handled better but it’s what happens next that will be critical to regaining trust. The road to redemption starts with an apology, clearly communicating the issue was dealt with in 2011 and focusing on what Oxfam does best – making a genuine difference to people living in poverty.