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Change is a natural part of work

Implementing a new strategy. Rolling out an upgraded IT system. Introducing new products or services. Repositioning your brand.

The most progressive organisations understand that people need to be at the heart of any business or brand change – however big or small. That is, if they truly want it to succeed.

But many businesses fall into common traps.

Some are too process-driven – forgetting how their people might feel about change and making it impossible for them to understand or engage. Others can focus too much on strategy – making it hard for people to relate and see the relevance to their everyday roles. While sometimes a reliance on tactical, incremental changes makes it difficult for people to see the bigger picture and understand how everything fits together.

So what’s the solution?

Introducing Buy-in
the People Operating System for business and brand change.

Buy-in makes sure all your people understand, believe in and act on your brand promise in everything they do.

It helps them become advocates and are clear about their role.

It means they show up for customers and each other when it matters.

Buy-in is the organisational glue that brings culture, strategy and brand together – and is essential to business performance.

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How do you achieve true Buy-in?

We believe people need to be inspired through any type of change, feel connected to where the organisation is going and feel empowered to play their part every day.

We help organisations do that with energy, belief and creativity – building from the inside out, bottom up, one person at a time.

Creating the People OS –
a roadmap for success

Achieving Buy-in starts with asking the right questions and building from there. Here are a few to get you going – tap on each one to see how we can help.

Have you defined a clear vision for where you want the business and brand to be?

Aligning your organisational strategy with your brand is foundational. We can help articulate your business ambition and brand strategy in a way which is easy to understand as well as inspiring for your people – painting a picture of what the future looks like for everyone across the organisation. We can then help you nurture the culture you need to succeed.

Have you got the right People OS to achieve your vision?

Understanding what it’s really like to work in your business takes more than colleague satisfaction surveys. While these are part of the mix, our culture audits use a wide range of human and data-driven techniques to get under the skin of your organisation – from one-to-one conversations and real-time listening to workshops and working alongside your people in their everyday roles.

What behaviours do you want to see and encourage – and refuse to tolerate?

Your People OS is the driving force within your organisation – giving everyone a shared understanding of what it means to work there. And while your values set the tone for your culture, they need to be translated into practical, everyday actions. We create behaviour frameworks and initiatives that give people clear ways of working that are memorable, inclusive and achievable, while setting out what good, great (and ugly) looks like in creative and inspiring ways.

Why would people join, stay and commit?

Capturing what makes your organisation a brilliant place to work is a powerful way to attract new people; delivering on it throughout the colleague experience is where it really counts – engaging and retaining talent. We make sure your EVP is built on solid foundations and articulated in a memorable and compelling way which aligns with your brand positioning. We can then help you bring it to life in everything from recruitment onwards.

How do you lead, communicate, build and reward?

Keeping your people motivated, engaged and empowered to play their part is a continual endeavour. By identifying the moments that matter most to them across the colleague experience, we can help to develop ideas, tools and training that give your managers and leaders the support they need. And where necessary we can create visible icons of change that focus attention and build deeper meaning at those critical points.

How do you create the right experience to connect with customers?

Creating a brilliant customer experience demands a customer-centric culture. We bring your customers inside your business, making sure your people are clear about what’s important – helping them understand different segments, needs, attitudes and behaviour – and giving them the tools and resources they need to deliver.

Do you have the right metrics and measurement in place?

Being clear about what you want to achieve is the starting point. And while you probably have a number of tracking tools in place, we can help you review what you already have, identify any gaps and bring together the right combination so that you can measure performance and make continuous improvement.

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