Clear Defendable Territory
Bankside Flag
Bankside Flag

Together, we raise our fists to ordinary.
We are not confined by the city’s walls. And we don’t conform to the rigid rules of society inside it.
We stand proudly as the people of Bankside, fighting for the arts, fighting for individuality, fighting for freedom of expression.
Just as we’ve always done.
This is the flag of rebellion. Long may it wave proudly across the river.

Flags created by 45 designers are flying across Borough Market to celebrate London Bankside during the London Design Festival, and reinforce our area’s reputation for free thinking. NB Studio and Better Bankside commissioned 45 creatives, including The Clearing, Morag Myerscough, Alan Kitching and Supermundane to create flags that show the district is a creative heavyweight.

Sticking ‘two fingers up’ to other London boroughs, the Bankside flag design project is flying in Borough Market - drop by and see them (and say hello while you're here).