Wild Cards

100 questions
to challenge your brand
Wild Cards

Insights to help you build your brand and your business

The Clearing have been working with The School of Life to develop Wild Cards: 100 killer questions designed to help you think creatively about business challenges. Questions range from ‘Who is your brand’s nemesis’ and ‘What wakes your brand up at 4am?’ to ‘What disappoints you about your competitors?’ and the ever-popular ‘Can you explain to your mother why your brand matters?’

We’ve run three Wild Cards events to date with McLaren, Google, Ocado, Ascot and Curzon all taking part in the panel discussion, and answering a handful of questions in front of a select audience of senior marketers. These sessions have been so successful that we’ve got a Wild Cards book in the pipeline with Kogan Page – we’ll reveal more on that later this year.

Wild Cards
Wild Cards

How would you answer them?

You can choose between having a great culture or a brilliant strategy – which do you choose?

Is your brand as smart as the individuals working there?

Is your business driven by value or profit?

Would you buy what you sell?

What’s the most offensive word in the world – in relation to your brand?

You are called in to perform a pre-mortem on your brand. You predict the cause of death will come from….

When you look at people you know, who seems to have the most meaningful job?

They say that work culture involves all the things you stop noticing after three months. What struck you most about your business when you first arrived? Has this changed since?

Which fictional character best represents your brand?

Can you explain to your mother why your brand matters?

When should you listen to your customers and when is it wise to ignore them?

Which person or group at work is most effective at sabotaging your brand?

Does your team operate like an orchestra or improvisational jazz band?

Who or what is your brand nemesis?

Is your role to make people want things, or make things people want?


We asked Google, McLaren and Ocado this one:

When the poet Louis MacNeice was offered a job as a BBC producer, he insisted half his weekly timetable remain empty ‘for thinking’. How much space to think do you allocate yourself each week?


Have a go at answering our Wild Cards questions yourself and email us on, we’d love to know what you think.

And if you’re a business and want to come to our next Wild Cards event, just drop us an email and we’ll put you on the waiting list.




Wild Cards
Wild Cards


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