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When you’re creating a new product, is shakespeare more useful than your colleague?
When you’re creating a new product, is shakespeare more useful than your colleague?

When you’re creating a new product, is Shakespeare more useful than your colleague?

You’re introducing a new product to the market and are in need of something inspiring to say about it – would you comb the works of Shakespeare, reflect alone, consult colleagues or talk to customers?

Whilst it’s absolutely true that inspiration can come from anywhere, when it comes to launching a new product, there’s a group of people that are often overlooked and underused: people you work alongside.

You can rely on Willy Shakes for a point of view on morality, but for something inspiring to say about a new product? I fear not, my lord. If that sounds unappreciative and dismissive of the great man, it’s too late to back down now. What’s done cannot be undone. Wait, that’s one of his as well isn’t it… hangs head in shame.

Customers can ratify a pre-existing idea. Reflecting alone is a powerful and underrated tool. But you’re far more likely to given a piece of insight that you can mould into some inspiring messages, or hear a sharp point of view on what makes a new product so special from colleagues. And it’ll undoubtedly use less energy than sifting through the works of Shakespeare, require less money to hear what you already know from customers and take less time than trying to do it all on your own.

The proof is inevitably in the pudding, so I asked the person I sit next to, Hope Lowe, to help make the case that they’re your best bet.

Oh dark night, you last longer than the morn

and longer than my longing for the light.

For I am not the one who stays unborn,

I will open any door as I write.

Exploring paths I search for ground anew,

but English rain makes paths of muddy mess.

For destinations cannot give review

their guess of fresh leads nothing to impress.

So whilst the path is all but clear, I sit.

There is nothing either good or bad but

thinking makes it so. And here I could quit,

as sole and soul deceive me and my gut.

We search for paths but miss what’s right beside

It’s those who sit nearby who will provide.


Inspiring stuff, no?


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