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A modern pioneer: the first British explorer to cross Antarctica

We kick off 2019 with an incredible piece of news: Captain Lou Rudd, MBE has become the first British explorer to cross Antarctica unassisted. He took 56 days, hauling a 140kg sled over 925 miles without a single rest day. It’s a journey that’s always been considered impossible, and he’s only the second person in history to achieve it – pipped to the line by two days by US explorer Colin O’Brady after what became a nail-biting race.

Capt Rudd’s progress has been a big focus for the studio since he set off at the beginning of November, because he’s been kitted out with gear and clothing from Shackleton, a brand we helped create.

Shackleton sponsored, equipped and supported the expedition, with Capt Rudd commenting after his trek, “I’ve been using quite a bit of gear and clothing from the Shackleton Company on this expedition and it’s performed to the highest standards. It really is superb quality. I can thoroughly recommend it. It’s stuff I’ll be looking forward to using, hopefully, on future trips. It’s been a match made in heaven, so thank you very much”.

You'll find Capt Rudd’s blogs here - take a look, and promise never to complain about commuting again.

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