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Instant Inspiration
Instant Inspiration

When it comes to Instagram the majority of us just see a pretty set of pictures. And whether it's a 15-minute meal or an obscene meme, we double tap our way to procrastination heaven square by square. But surely there's more depth to all the likes and hashtagging? The Clearing's design team certainly think so. It's why they've compiled this colourful list of the accounts that don't just rouse their retinas, but actually inspire them:
For the minimalists: Brock Davis

Insta inspiration

Where better to start our list than with a man who can find inspiration in even the most unlikely of spaces. From popcorn rainclouds to beard trimmings bears, Brock Davis creates miniature wonders that others, literally, cannot see. @brockdavis


For the fashion police: Beyond the Mag

Beyond the Mag

Sophia Macks is a vibrant soul. Her account ’ a catalogue of colour, couture and charisma straight off the catwalk ’ is as bold as it is beautiful. And acts as proof for high fashion's claims to be high-class. @beyondthemag


For those with little respect for property: Janine Rewell

Janine Rewell

Carpets, drain covers, humans ’ these are just a few of the diverse surfaces that illustrator Janine Rewell has been dishing out her colourful designs on. They say the world is your canvas, and this bright-eyed painter couldn't agree more. @janinerewell


For an out-of-this-world perspective: Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly

So many of us look to the stars for a spot of inspiration, but not many of us actually get to visit them. Thankfully for us earthlings, American astronaut Scott Kelly has. And just to go that one light year further he's chronicling his adventures through the medium of 4x4 squares. @stationcdrkelly


For people who prefer animals: Penguin the Magpie

Penguin the Magpie

A young boy. A wounded magpie. A tale of unlikely friendship. It might sound like a Hollywood sob story, but this inspirational tale is actually the stuff of Instagram folklore. You see, when "Penguin' fell out of his nest, Noah nursed him back to health. In return, they became best mates. If you have a nicer story, we'd pay to hear it. @penguinthemagpie


For a caffeine hit: Mireia Ruiz

Mireia Ruiz

Mireia Ruiz has a particular style. You know the kind ’ the Bubblegum-pink, fresh-faced youthful vim that overflows with pops of neon colour and inventive patterns. Thankfully, this dominates her Instagram. Perky stuff from the Spanish socialite. @mireiaysuscosas


For something a little less 'nice': Bompas and Parr

Bompas and Parr

Of course, Instagram is an experience in itself. But what happens when you layer a creative partnership on top of that? The answer is Bompas & Parr ’ a hypnotic account that tingles all of your senses. And solid proof that video has a rightful place among the static of Instagram. @bompasandparr


For people who like the idea of reading: Drawdown Books

Drawdown Books

It may have been drilled into us to never judge a book by its cover, but if you happen to find a Draw Down publication on your lap that's simply impossible. With countless designs, the account makes the age-old paperback look so appealing you'll never charge your Kindle again. Sorry trees. @drawdownbooks


For space invaders: Will Davidson

Will Davidson

Thinking outside the box is the oldest clich in the book, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's out of date. Especially not if your name's Will Davidson. Fed up vacuum-packing his photography into one measly frame, he's opened up his account, stretching his exquisite portraits across several squares. Delightful to look at, impossible to like. @willdavidsonphoto


For wantaway nesters: Cereal Mag

Cereal Mag

White, crisp and cool, Cereal Mag is the perfect way to declutter the muddle in your head’ and just chill out. Mixing stylish interior design with landscapes the world over, the account will have you reaching for your paintbrush and your passport. Which one you pick is up to you. @cerealmag


For the young at heart: Thomas Burden

Thomas Burden

Ah, to be young. Boundless adventures powered by that euphoric youthful energy that just kept going and going. And yet, while so many of us eventually ran out of batteries, one man brought a spare set. Thomas Burden's 3D illustration finally gives us miserable adults something to smile about. @thomasburden


For those who just like to look: The Brand Identity

the brand identity

To finish, we're heading back to branding itself. And not just any, but the very best there is: The Branding Identity. This anthology of innovative, inventive design might still include business cards and brochures, but when they looks this good, who cares? @thebrandidentity


Collated by The Clearing design team@walkaboutjon, @smjwall, @aj_nye, @paulshriever, @bmiddleton18 and @rahulramanuj.

Supervised by Junior Writer, @wnicklin