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The Clearing launches ‘Fair Game Cheeses’
The Clearing launches 'Fair Game Cheeses'

We partner with BDHH dairy to bring a new range of cheeses to market
In our first foray into new product development, we've developed and implemented "Fair Game Cheeses' ’ a range of branded Cervidian cheeses designed to meet the growing demand among young urbanites to experience the rich and distinctive flavors of venison, without actually eating meat.

Made entirely from deer and muntjac milk, Fair Game Sticky Monarch uses a 200-year-old family recipe to create a creamy-yet-tangy Brie-style soft cheese. While at the other end of the spectrum, Fair Game Cervo is a Parmesan-like cheese that fuses the latest in Italian dairy engineering with deer milk from the BDHH estate. The result is a fine, hard cheese with a shelf-life of over 36 months ’ making Cervo the ideal choice for the thrifty or occasional Parmesan buyer.

The booming trend of urban artisanry

Grant Lichee, newly appointed Director of Innovation at The Clearing said: "This is a very exciting time for us, we feel that this is going to be huge. Fair Game follows on from the booming trend of revived urban artisanry. Where gin, craft ales and beekeeping have gone, our cheese proudly follows."

Lichee added: "After successive rounds of testing, we've found that the pungent and gamey taste of Cervidian Cheese goes best with a good brand of sparkling water and some plain bread to "chase'. This really is a cheese for the most pioneering of palates."

Rita Gelchen, Head Cheesemaker with Fair Game, said: "Due to the roaming nature of these wild regents of the Highlands, our produce will be in short demand initially, but of uncompromising quality and craft. The adult doe can only humanely be milked weekly in the calving season, but it's worth the time and effort ’ no one forgets their first tantalising slither of Roe Blue."

The Clearing's fromagineers

The Clearing's co-founder and Director of Consulting Richard Buchanan concluded: "Disney has Imagineers. We like to think of ourselves as Fromagineers. I've never had so much fun doing brand immersion sessions in my life."

Fair Game Cheeses will initially be available for sale at an exclusive range of pop-up fromageries in Dalston, East London. A selection of products will go on general sale in both Dalston and Shoreditch from May 25th, including Sticky Monarch, Cervo, Roe Blue and Rutter's Butter. Due to small batches prices will be at a premium, with cheeses ranging from A?17.50 to A?35.00 per kg.

Please contact Jules Griffith (Chief Churner) on for further details."