Clear Defendable Territory

"Struggling to find the perfect present for a friend or loved-one in the industry? Check out our exclusive list: carefully curated to knock the thick-rimmed specs off even most the discerning communications professional, whatever your budget.
1. PERSONALISED NUTELLA (£3.99, in store at Selfridges)

Let's be honest, there is nothing jollier than the look on your soul-mate's face as they stick their whole hand into a jar of Nutella. It's a well-known fact that nothing makes people happier than wolfing down the hazelnut spread, especially from a personalised jar that keeps strange sticky fingers at bay.

2. SOCK SUBSCRIPTION (£5 a month from Henry J. Socks)

Missing socks are a ubiquitous and tedious cliché, but one that can be eliminated forever with a sock subscription. Never again will your loved one find themselves humiliatingly rummaging under the bed before work, or desperately blitzing a washed sock with a hair dryer over breakfast. Monthly, or even weekly (whoa there), they'll receive a pair of socks in the post that everyone will be cooing over.

3. STACK MAGAZINE SUBSCRIPTION (£5.50 per month from Stack Magazines)

Cultivating niche interests has never been easier thanks to Stack Magazines. Stack selects the best independent magazines from around the world and sends the lucky subscriber a surprise issue every month. Perfect for those in the creative industries on the lookout for inspiration, or just in need of a little niche-interest kudos.

4. FRED DINE INK PEN UTENSIL SET ($8.84 from Amazon)

Ever find yourself too busy to go for lunch? Too busy to move away from your desk? Too busy to even fetch some cutlery? Well never fear, the cutlery is coming to you. With the Fred Dine Ink Pen Utensil Set, you can transform your every-day desk apparatus into crockery that will set the account team's tongues wagging.

5. ADOBE CUSHIONS (£11.20 from Red Bubble)

The perfect gift for anyone who spends endless hours using Adobe software in the pursuit of creativity. Relief from the dreaded 10-hour Photoshop numb-bum, with cushion designs available from as little as £12.

6. TYPODARIUM 2015 (£13.28 from Amazon)

What do you get for the designer who's seen it all? With a different font for each day of the year, this calendar will make them rethink everything they know about type – as well as doubling the size of their font book and promoting your own dubious design credentials in the process.

7. AQUA NOTES (£17 from Amazon)

There's nothing better after a long, wintery day than relaxing in a hot shower. Sadly, this also just happens to be the moment when that all-important BIG IDEA finally pops into your head. You need to write it down, fast! But there's never a pen, there's never a pad, there's never a thing you can do. Until now… Thanks Aqua Notes.

8.GIVE ‘EM HELVETICA (£19 from Wordsbrand)

Stylish, bursting with attitude, and wry all at the same time, this will be the only t-shirt your favourite wordsmith will want to wear around the office. Probably best not worn in front of clients during an agency presentation.


Who says cooking has to be messy? With the Obsessive Chef Chopping Board the perfectionist in your life can make dinner into a work of art, thanks to the OCCB's graph lined base.


For the modern professional it's a necessity to escape the metropolitan hustle and bustle and go somewhere totes remote and amaze that nobody else at work has visited. This great coffee table book from Monocle gives some just-needed inspiration for places to dodge the crushing, unforgiving crowds and unwind (and we mean alone-in-a-hut-in-Alaska-for-two-weeks-with-no-signal unwind).

11. THE POWERCARD (£34.95 from Monster)

Sick of running low on battery, of begging chargers off acquaintances/colleagues/random people? Then make it stop, with this gift to yourself. The Monster Powercard gives you an extra 5 hours of charge, all packed into something the size of a credit card.

12. GRAMMAR GRUMBLE MUG COLLECTION (£45 from The Literary Gift Company)

Let's face it, every office has a human autocorrect. Always eager to jump on the poor fellow who mixes his 'affects' and 'effects', the junior who stumbles over her 'theirs' and 'there's' or the creative director who's always having less sugar lumps. Give everyone a break by empowering your human autocorrect to silently spread linguistic wisdom via the medium of their cuppa instead.

13. TATE MEMBERSHIP (£62 from Tate)

With Tate membership you'll grant a friend, and their chosen plus one (hopefully you), entry to a whole year's worth of the gallery's blockbuster exhibitions. That's not to mention the chic members' bars – perfect for impressing a client, or even a date (again, hopefully you).

14. HANDPRESSO (£62 from Handpresso)

The Handpresso will ensure that the cosmopolitan on the go never has to worry whether there is an artisan beanery around the corner again. Everything you need will now be in the palm of your hand. Well, almost. It's actually in a little bag thingy.

15. DESIGNER LEATHER PENCILCASE (£75 from Choosing Housekeeping)

Turn a loved one into the office cool kid with this super-smart leather pencil case. It probably also works pretty well as a make up bag. Or a massive wallet. Or a rugged outdoor sleeping bag for a small action figure toy. Up to them really.

16. VIRTUAL KEYBOARD (£129 from Amazon)

Creative souls shouldn't be tied to their desk. For true, artistic inspiration they need to escape the shackles of the seating plan and make a break for the outside world. This portable, Bluetooth device lets you type anywhere, on any surface via the technology of laser beams. Yes. Laser beams.

17. CO-OP FAIRPHONE (£250 from The Co-operative Mobile)

A connected yet conscientious individual needs a Co-op Fairphone – claiming to be the first truly ethical smartphone, it's built from conflict-free materials and made by welfare-protected workers.


With a name so long it must strike fear into any packaging designer, the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 Elite Edition Quadricopter will have the lucky recipient feeling like they're floating on air. Ignore the jealous shouts of ‘impulse buy' and make the most of the fun before the drone predictably sets up home in the tallest tree in the park.

19. 3D PRINTER (£550 from Maplin)

Whether 3D printers ultimately become big or not, this year will be remembered as the year they went mainstream. From eggcups to aeroplanes, shape what you like. And if it breaks down, just make sure you've already printed out a new one to cover the eventuality.


Just how indulgent can you go? At the upper end of luxury you'll find a gingerbread house with an extravagant twist – A 150 AAAA-grade pearl and five carat ruby garnish. So if you've just sold your brand or agency, and want to live like it's the last days of Rome, look no further.


AR.Drone image courtesy monsterlayer"