From humble beginnings in a Gloucester hotel kitchen, Tom Kerrridge’s stock has risen immensely over the last few years on his journey to becoming one of the UK’s most recognisable TV chefs.

Plying his trade in the world’s only two Michelin-starred pub, Tom has a reputation for gastronomic excellence, combining a down-to-earth personality with a unique approach – making great food accessible to all.

He came to us with a clear challenge – build a brand that encapsulated his character and style, and allowed him to capitalise on the market opportunity – to create a range of products that he’d be proud to put his name to.


It was critical that anything we created reflected Tom’s unique character – it’s not only what makes him different to other celebrity chefs, but it’s the reason why people love him. As such, we spent a lot of time with Tom to really get to know him, his style, tastes and culinary methods.

The result was a brand built on a simple promise that reflected the very nature of Tom’s cooking – turning the ordinary into the extraordinary by taking everything to another level. This gave us clear creative direction to tell a compelling, authentic story around the unique manufacturers and products that Tom had personally selected.

One of the things Tom said to us when we first met was that he wanted his products to be ‘Tom-proof’ – solid, reliable and unmistakably British. The brand mark we created reflected this – it’s Tom’s personal stamp of quality.

We also designed the brand to mirror Tom’s approach to cooking. His layering of taste and texture creates a richer experience and gives every meal he prepares the depth of flavour it deserves. We poured this philosophy into the brand experience by combining different textures in the packaging and layering insightful storytelling around each proudly British product. The result is a brand that’s just as charismatic as Tom. 


The brand was first seen early in 2016 through Tom’s latest book. His first products are on sale now and already flying off the shelves. Look out for more, coming soon.

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