London’s Air Ambulance assists around 2,000 critically-injured people annually. Dealing with only the most serious trauma incidents – often performing specialist surgery at the roadside – it’s much more than an ambulance.

As a charity, it needed donations to save lives. But despite being a world-leading service, few Londoners knew much about it. The helicopter, the brand’s most obvious asset – wasn’t telling its story.


We set out to maximise the charity’s awareness and understanding amongst Londoners as well as potential commercial partners.

Recognising that the helicopter’s livery – and rapid response cars – did more for its previous sponsor than for London’s Air Ambulance, we focused on creating a clear space for the brand to occupy in the skies and streets of London.

Our strategic redesign uses the livery to position the brand as an advanced trauma team, carrying specialist surgeons and paramedics to the scene of accidents to stabilise patients and increase their chances of reaching hospital alive. It also clarifies London’s Air Ambulance as a critically-important charity in need of donations to survive.


The livery now builds equity into London’s Air Ambulance brand, not a principal sponsor’s.

This strategic shift has brought a range of new commercial partners. Funding for a second helicopter has been secured. It’s inspiring the support as well as the donations of Londoners.

And as the rapid response car fleet whizzes across the capital, the helicopter is flying more proudly than ever. Keep an eye out – you can’t miss it.

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