Looking to grow revenue beyond its core fitness clubs, Fitness First Group wanted to launch an entirely new concept in Asia: a luxury health, fitness and wellbeing private members’ club aimed at Singapore’s C-suite.

Our task was to develop a brave new brand that could blend business, fitness, wellness and luxury in a truly distinctive way. In a city-state where image is crucial, we needed to create the definitive members’ club the world’s professional elite wanted to join.


Our work was founded on the correlation between fitness, wellness and elite executive performance. For us, the brand needed to be positioned to deliver a hyper-personalised experience that would feel like ‘holistic life support’ for its privileged members – optimising everything from their fitness and nutrition to state of mind and workplace performance.

We created (and named) Gravity to set the benchmark for this new breed of club. Our work crossed the digital and physical worlds, ensuring the member experience was seamless. The brand identity system is deliberately understated and restrained, reflecting the feel of the club. The limited monochrome colour palette plays to luxury cues; flashes of red inject energy and confidence. The symbol uses a hexagon device, a shape known for its strength and stability in nature. The hexagon is then echoed in a pattern used across the brand experience.

The elliptical tone of voice is designed to capture the overlap between peak physical condition and peak executive performance. Like the visual system, it is intentionally minimal and sophisticated.


Gravity opened in August 2015 – with the new brand and club concept enjoying praise from both the press and business community alike. The early signs suggest it has successfully seized the opportunity to create a new category that can be rolled out across other markets.

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