In clinical trials patient engagement is one of the major sources of risk. If patients can’t connect with each stage of their trials it means new treatments take longer to reach the market, data proves inconclusive and vital feedback lacks the accuracy it demands. Tech healthcare firm Exco InTouch spotted an opportunity to lessen this risk and briefed us to name, develop and design an innovative platform brand, capable of seamlessly linking every aspect of the clinical journey.


We recommended a move away from the institutional stereotypes of the industry into an area that focused on the most important aspect of clinical trials – people. Building on the promise – Humanly Possible – we positioned the product as both a technical innovation and a collaborative channel capable of joining up each part of the clinical journey.

We named the new brand Gather™ – reinforcing the systems function to bring people, evidence and insight together. It helped us find a distinctive space in an overwhelmingly cold and functional category and importantly, acted as stimulus for the personal tone of voice and design we developed.

It was essential Gather™ should feel as approachable as possible. All of the messaging revolves around the benefits each person receives from Gather’s approach. The design introduces fresh colours and clear layouts to make things as easy as possible for users to understand.

All of which makes the platform as engaging as possible – helping people connect with every step of their clinical journey.

“The pharmaceutical industry is sometimes seen as slow to adapt, but we expect everyone involved to quickly pick up on the immense benefits this approach brings with it – Gather™ will have a transformational effect on how we design, conduct and evaluate future trials.”

Tim Davis, CEO of Exco In Touch

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