With deregulation of the Channel Tunnel underway and increased competition from airlines on its key routes, Eurostar needed to build a more emotional connection with travellers to drive sales and grow market share.


Since 2012 we’ve been working with Eurostar to strengthen its brand strategically and creatively to enable it to work harder as a commercial asset.

Engaging with people across the business – from senior management to customer-facing teams – we’ve clarified what Eurostar stood for and positioned the brand in the right space to defend itself from competition.

For the first time, a single brand positioning is now hardwired into the business across its three core markets – the UK, France and Belgium. And the new performance management framework we developed with Eurostar has established both brand and business-focused KPIs.

We’ve refreshed the brand identity, focusing the core visual elements and tone of voice to reflect Eurostar’s European personality more effectively. This newly defined consistency and creativity has drawn the three core markets closer together. We’ve also created a series of hallmark pan-European communications campaigns aligned to the business’s strategic priorities. The most recent of which celebrates Eurostar’s 20th anniversary.

As our partnership with Eurostar continues to grow, we’re currently developing a series of new product and service propositions to set the business up for the next 20 years.


Revenue has increased, with 10% overall year-on-year sales growth and £38.3m increased revenue from marketing.

Passenger numbers are up 5% year-on-year, and there’s been a significant rise in social engagement – demonstrated with a 500% social engagement rate for our 2013 core brand campaign vs the industry average.

By rationalising the brand identity (there had been over 300 different logos) we’ve saved the cost of implementing it by almost 30%.

And our work has won a number of awards – including four golds at the 2014 Transform Awards and The Drum’s Design Strategy of the Year 2014.

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