Since its first journey under the Channel in 1994, Eurostar has grown to be one of the world’s iconic travel brands. So how should the business celebrate its 20th anniversary in a way that would match its place in contemporary culture?


Eurostar is more than just a train service; it brings people together, opening up new experiences and cultural exchange that wouldn’t have been possible 20 years ago.

Our insight came from analysing how culture has changed in the past 20 years in the UK, France and Belgium. We’ve borrowed bits of each others’ cultures so much that we’ve started making them our own. And since 1994 Eurostar has helped to accelerate these changes, making the three countries feel closer than ever. 
Our campaign – centred on the idea that we’re #bettercloser – celebrates these influences and quirks of behaviour.

To spark the campaign we asked customers, Eurostar employees and celebrity travellers what they thought was better about being closer to London, Paris and Brussels. And through a mix of digital, social, print and outdoor media in the three cities we’re inviting others to get involved and share their views. The campaign illustrations were created for us by Jean JullienEili-Kaija Kuusniemi, Toni Halonen, Adrian Johnson and Andrew Nye.

The campaign runs throughout November 2014 with a number of supporting events and surprises that we’ve created to keep travellers engaged.


Look out for updates here as the results roll in…

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