As the UK’s two major charities dedicated solely to breast cancer research, Breakthrough Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Campaign both made enormous progress. When they decided to further their achievements by merging, The Clearing was tasked with building a new brand supported by all existing stakeholders and powerful enough to hold its own on the national stage.


Stakeholder interviews revealed both charities had a shared purpose: to stop women dying from breast cancer. We put this right at the heart of the new brand, setting the year 2050 as a target and focal point for communications. As a driving force it creates a positive urgency that’s diffused through every element of the new visual and verbal identity.

Pink and breast cancer are almost synonymous. As a new leader in the field, the charity had to make it their own. The result is a premium, wearable shade with significant commercial potential.

Unification required consensus: the new brand is collaborative, bringing together everyone affected by the disease as a collective source of good. From the ‘open-source’ approach to headline messaging to the customisable symbol, we have created a brand that stakeholders can truly own. One that stands clear in a homogenised market, leaving them space to achieve their vision of giving women everywhere more time to live.

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