Animations and illustrations for Kingfisher plc’s 2017/18 Sustainability Report

The Clearing are delighted to share Kingfisher plc’s 2017/18 Sustainability Report.

Check out the way we’ve brought their sustainability achievements to life using design and illustration. Each section is headed by an illustration which changes as the user scrolls to reveal the scene in a new light, demonstrating a wider impact for the better. The report is packed with stories of innovation from products such as B&Q’s Pro Grow compost made from garden waste to service delivery and sourcing.

We’re proud to work with Kingfisher – their commitment to bringing sustainability into their business is inspirational, and aims for a restorative impact on the environment. This year the focus has shifted from sustainable product ranges to building in sustainability across all products and processes in the Group. A new set of targets launches next year.

And there’s much to celebrate:

  • 28% sales come from sustainable home products
  • 61% peat free growing media
  • 96% wood and paper in products is responsibly sourced
  • £840m saved on energy bills from energy saving products

Animations make this digital-only report fun to read, helping take it beyond the original financial audience to a wider consumer interest. See if you can spot the flower growing in a pot, trees reaching their correct height in a chart, or the hovering bumble bee and friendly woodpecker.


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